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    Enterprise Solutions for Perfect Cellular Coverage on Your Property

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    Easily enhance cellular reception throughout any building, hotel, hospital, convention center, casino or an entire college campus.

    Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

    Indoor (iDAS), Outdoor (oDAS) and Public Safety DAS

    DAS (Distributed Antenna System) is the common terminology wireless industry professionals use to describe the infrastructure designed to distribute a cellular signal within a certain area, either indoor or outdoor. With RoamBOOST, it is now possible to easily create perfect cellular signal reception indoors, outdoors and throughout every corner or tricky space in your property. A RoamBOOST…

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    Engineering Design

    A RoamBOOST DAS is a custom, turn-key wireless network system designed to support any and all cellular, data or multimedia needs

    Every DAS (Distributed Antenna System) solution requires a customized approach, and RoamBOOST has the capacity to design and execute every step of the process  You can count on our expertise to design a superior cellular enhancement solution that fits within your budget and addresses your specific coverage needs. With RoamBOOST, it is now possible to…

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    Site Assessment

    An onsite survey is the best way to determine the optimal solution for your your property

    A comprehensive onsite survey is an essential step that provides our engineers with all the information needed to ensure an opitmal system design. RoamBOOST conducts an engineering site assessment by spectrum and propagation analysis to create a cellular coverage map.   Once the framing and windows are completed, RoamBOOST will conduct an engineering site assessment with the General Contractor as defined…

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    Carrier Coordination

    RoamBOOST DAS Design and Instatllation is Carrier & Public Safety Approved

    One of the most vital aspects of DAS installation is ensuring that relationships with all major carriers are maintained and all systems are carrier and public safety approved.   RoamBOOST works with each of the major wireless operators on coordination and approval of the RF signal sourcing. Each specific carrier will either approve a retransmission…

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    System Installation

    RoamBOOST provides all aspects of DAS implementation

    As full-service, turnkey providers of carrier approved DAS solutions, RoamBOOST has extensive knowledge of coaxial cable, fiber-based, single host, neutral host, off air, BTS and combo systems RoamBOOST will provide all aspects of the implementation including: Coordinate construction planning and equipment locations with the Customer’s onsite rep Installation of all cabling, both vertical and horizontal,…

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    Small Property Solutions

    Affordable DAS solutions for small projects under 75,000 square feet

    RoamBOOST has worked successfully inside small hotels, restaurants, and residential buildings to perfect the mobile coverage and allow their guests and patrons the ability to consistently connect to 3G and 4G networks. Is there a particular venue, parking garage, meeting room, or restaurant on you property that needs a DAS solution? Whether indoors, or even outdoors…

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    Mid-Size Solutions

    Indoor and outdoor enterprise solutions for projects within the range of 80,000 - 200,000 square feet

    Our partnerships with our vendors allow flexibility and diversified solutions for mid-size properties as well as tailored solutions for targeted areas of larger venues. We are well positioned to offer indoor and outdoor enterprise solutions for projects within the range of 80,000 – 100,000 square feet.  Mid-size solutions include tailored DAS solutions based on your…

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